Charles de Gaulle Monument

mosaïque de portrait du Général Charles de Gaulle


The Charles de Gaulle Monument is an interactive multimedia space dedicated the work of this great public figure, the leader of the Free French Forces and founding President of the Fifth Republic.

This audiovisual room goes over the itinerary of Charles de Gaulle, immersing visitors into the history of the 20th century, on which he left his mark. This area does not contain any objects but rather favours sounds and images in all their forms. Still and animated archive images - news, posters, photographs, etc. - are combined with and supplemented by filmed interviews with historians, multimedia books, dynamic walls, maps, entertainment news, an interactive world map, etc. Visitors organise their visit individually. Equipped with an autonomous infrared device, they choose their own learning path and build their itinerary themselves, through 400 audiovisual documents and nearly 20 hours of commentary available with the audio-guide headphones.

Three concentric areas, three learning approaches

photo de la salle multi-écrans de l'historial Charles de Gaulle

The multi-screen room

In this room located in the centre of the Monument, the visit begins with a 25-minute biographical film that is both moving and condensed. It presents a series of scenes and, through the specific technique of multi-screens, shows the major chronological landmarks of the itinerary.

The ring: cultural heritage and "overview of the century"

Around the multi-screen room, "an overview of the century" is projected onto a circular glass ring, from the Belle Époque to the Pop years, from Charlie Chaplin to the Rolling Stones, from the trenches to the Vietnam War. As part of this wall of images, three "audiovisual doors" are used as entrances leading into the three rooms of the permanent exhibition. The visit and the figures of Charles de Gaulle are thus collated with the important events and icons of the 20th century.

The permanent exhibition

The three "doors" give access to the three rooms of the permanent exhibition, which are built around the three different ways of envisaging the cultural heritage of the General: the Man of 18 June, the Liberator, the President - Founder of the French Fifth Republic. A corridor evoking the "time spent in the political wilderness" connects the last two rooms, in which visitors, through an individual approach, deepen their knowledge and decipher history, thanks to interactive and informative devices.

The audioguides are required for the visit.

To make the most of the interactive devices, general directions for use are available to the public.

A multimedia guide is available for the visually impaired.