Digital guide

The musée de l’Armée has launched a new service for its visitors: a digital guide to expand and supplement your tour of the museum. Proposed on iPad, it is an intuitive and user friendly interface.

“Dôme Interactive” digital guide

Discover all the secrets of the Dôme Church. Set off on a playful journey and immerse yourself in the eras of King Louis XIV and Napoleon Bonaparte.You may now discover new ideas and original perspectives and dive into the captivating history of the Dôme Church as it was four hundred years ago.

Get the full experience of “Dôme Interactive” on the iPad :

  • Enter a new dimension with a tour in augmented reality
  • Countless descriptions and explanations to better understand this iconic landmark as it was four hundred years ago
  • An interactive map to help you find your way during your visit
  • A quiz to challenge your knowledge following your visit

Length of Tour: 30-40 minutes.

Languages available:

  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese

Practical information


Single price : €5


  • At the till, when you buy your tickets
  • At the desk in the Dome church

“Dôme Interactive” digital guide collection and drop-off points

You can collect your "Dôme Interactive" digital guides at the desk in the Dôme Church.

Please note your "Dôme Interactive" digital guide will be provided in exchange for proof of identity.

Multimedia Guide

The digital tour guide is currently unavailable due to a complete reworking of the service, in order to offer you a richer experience.

From April 2019, you will be able to enjoy a new version of the guide. It will include a tour of the museum's masterpieces as well as a guided tour of the ongoing temporary exhibition.