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Napoleon in Saint Helena. His Fight for his History

Horaires :

Every day from 10am to 6pm
Du mercredi 6 avril 2016
au dimanche 24 juillet 2016

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On 18 June 1815, the Battle of Waterloo sounded the death knell of the French Empire. The defeated Napoleon was exiled. Fearing that the man of the Hundred Days might return, England decided on the Emperor’s last residence: Saint Helena, a small island bristling with jagged contours in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Napoleon disembarked on the island with his most faithful companions and settled at Longwood House, a modest residence to say the least, where he would end his days.

Organised in conjunction with the operation to restore the furniture from Longwood House, the exhibition Napoleon in Saint Helena. His Fight for his History is a unique opportunity for the public to see the furniture that surrounded the Emperor at the moment of his death. The imperial relics that Napoleon managed to bring with him resonate with the precariousness of his condition as a prisoner. So what remains of the Emperor, what remains of the man? Napoleon launched his final battle, that of posterity, making Saint Helena a place for writing the legend, even before his death on 5 May 1821.

This exhibition produced by the Musée de l'Armée has been organised with the support of the Fondation Napoléon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the National Estates of Saint Helena, the National Museum of the Châteaux of Malmaison and Bois-Préau, and the government of Saint Helena, along with the CIC, the Musée de l'Armée's loyal partner.

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