Projects to support

In 2019, the Musée de l’Armée will be launching several large-scale scientific projects. Your support can help us to carry them out.

Exhibition Picasso and War

From Friday 5 April to Sunday 28 July 2019

In April 2019, the Musée de l’Armée will be partnering with the Picasso Museum in Paris for an exhibition exploring Picasso's attitude to war for the first time. It is based on 500 pictures and archives from French and Spanish museums, and shows how Picasso made use of battle painting throughout his life.

Exhibition The Can(n)ons of elegance

From Thursday 10 October 2019 to Sunday 26 January 2020

In autumn 2019, the Musée de l’Armée will be giving visitors a chance to explore the exceptional riches and refinement of military weaponry and decorative elements. From Antiquity to today, over 200 pieces will be on display, highlighting the treasures of military life: weapons, decorative elements, insignia, precious ornaments, etc. The aim is to highlight this exceptional heritage, while showing how it is being handed on to a range of professions today. Among the masterpieces are Louis XVI's diamond sword, with a reconstitution to be made in partnership with the École Boulle arts school.

Cultural programme

The exhibitions Picasso and War and The Can(n)ons of Elegance are also part of a dedicated cultural programme (music cycle, conference cycle, film cycle, guided visits and activities for young people).