Giving support to the Musée de l’Armée means making your company part of the history of the prestigious Invalides site, where the destinies of Louis XIV, Napoleon and the modern French Republic have merged with the history of France.

Alongside the many advantages in terms of communication and public relations, supporting the museum also means forging an association with a landmark site embodying values of citizenship and focused on social commitment, fraternity and high standards.

For all patronage donations to the Musée de l’Armée, your company will receive a corporate tax reduction of 60 % of the amount donated, within the limit of 0.5 % of company turnover. If you go over this limit, you can transfer the excess to the next five financial years. Your patronage also gives you access to benefits worth up to 25 % of your donation.

100 % Donation
60 %   Tax reduction
  25 %   Benefits
  15 % Real cost

Total of your
Tax reduction
(60 %)
Total benefits
(25 % maximum)
Real cost of your
100 000 € 60 000 € 25 000 € 15 000 €


Since every patron and each project is unique, our teams are always on hand to provide you with individual benefits in line with your needs.

Available benefits

  • Special visibility on the museum's communications media and publications:

- communications materials: website, flyers, the L’Écho du Dôme magazine

- press release and press pack

- poster campaign in the city and in the metro

- advertisements in the press

- exhibition catalogue

  • Special access to events:

- a preview evening for temporary exhibitions, a chance to go behind the scenes with the curators

- invitations to exhibitions, permanent collections and concerts during the music season at the Musée de l’Armée

- exhibition catalogues can include a reference to your patronage

- guided visits to the exhibition for adults and young people

  • Prestige events in reception areas

A dedicated evening in the Museum reception areas (Grand Drawing Room, Turenne Room), with a special visit to the exhibition in the company of curators or our guides.

See the reception area offers

Special patronage partnerships

Your company can also sponsor projects and events at the Musée de l’Armée. In this case, your financial support is considered as a form of advertising expenditure. As commercial expenditure, patronage of this kind is subject to VAT.


Mission Mécénat

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