Let's reunite the Lasalle Couple!

Participate in the acquisition of a masterpiece for the Musée de l’Armée and reunite the portrait of the Countess of Lasalle to the one of her husband, the general Lasalle at the Invalides !

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The Dome courtyard

To the south of the Invalides stands the Dome church, a masterpiece designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart and completed in 1706. The famous gilded dome rises to over 110 metres. For a long time it was the tallest building in Paris. Since 1861, the Dome has housed Napoleon's tomb and the sepulchres of famous army officers (Turenne, Vauban, Foch).

At the foot of the church, the huge Dome courtyard lies opposite Place Vauban. Surrounded by gardens and fountains, the courtyard gives majestic access to the Invalides site and offers a unique view of the monument. In the evening, the Dome is beautifully illuminated, standing out as a landmark in the Parisian skyline for your guests. 

Temporary structures can be set up in the courtyard with a surface area of up to 2,500 m², depending on their type, location and the number of invited guests (for fashion shows, gala evenings, dinners, product launches, etc.).

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