The Cadets room

Une salle multifonctions

This 70 m² space has modular furniture and a complete range of multimedia equipment, and can be adapted to a variety of layouts and functions.

The Cadets Room adjoins and can be linked to the Austerlitz Auditorium through a live broadcast system (room with screen), increasing the auditorium capacity.

This can be an independent conference room (for up to 40 people), a meeting room or a conference break-out room (for up to 30 people), and can also be left empty as a reception area or for breaks from the auditorium.

The room was renovated in 2018 with the support of the Michelin Foundation.

Practical details for hiring rooms

Price to hire the Cadets Room: €1,250 exc. VAT per day

€500 exc. VAT a day when combined with another reception room

Details of services

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