The museum's patrons

The cultural programme and the projects undertaken at the Musée de l'Armée are an opportunity for many of our patrons to make a commitment to the museum, and particularly to support our temporary exhibitions and the music season.


It was with profound sadness that the Musée de l’Armée learned of the demise of the Honorable Carole L. Brookins, founder and chairman of The First Alliance Foundation, in the night of the 23rd to the 24th of March in Florida. Considered as a true ambassador of the French-American friendship, Carole L. Brookins was also a major patron of the musée de l’Armée through her Foundation. The Musée offer its condolences to her family and friends and wishes to continue its partnership with the TFA, under the guidance of its co-chairman the Général de Corps d’Armée (2s) Olivier Tramond.

Our patrons


Since 2003 the CIC bank has been supporting the museum's cultural and heritage project through an important, dynamic and wide-ranging partnership that is continually developing.

Voir l'article Le grand partenaire du Musée : le CIC

See the article, The museum's major partner: CIC

Centenary Mission 14-18

The Centenary Mission is a Public Interest Group set up in 2012 with three main aims:

  • to organise major events in the commemorative programme for the centenary of the First World War
  • to coordinate and support all the public and private initiatives in France or launched by France abroad with the creation of a "Centenary" label
  • to inform the general public about the Centenary programme and to raise awareness about the Great War, particularly through the website

Fondation Safran pour la Musique

Fondation Safran pour la Musique

The Safran Music Foundation aims to support young musicians during their studies or at the beginning of their careers. For ten years now, it has lent support to the museum's music cycle, especially the Jeunes Talents Premières Armes music cycle for young talents.

Each year, the Safran Foundation Music award is given at the Hôtel des Invalides to a young musician.


In 2018, ARQUUS formed a partnership with the Musée de l’Armée to focus on activities scheduled for the centenary of the end of the First World War in 2018, and then in 2020 for the ninetieth anniversary of the war year 1940.

ARQUUS, a subsidiary of the international Volvo Group and a historic supplier of vehicles for the French army, also gave financial support to the temporary exhibition 1918, Armistice(s), Before and After 11 November (24 July to 30 September 2018) and will be a partner for the heritage exhibition France in 1940 (October 2020 - January 2021).

ARQUUS is also taking part in the restoration of a Renault FT tank, a centrepiece of the museum's collections.

Gueules Cassées - Union des Blessés de la Face et de la Tête

Better known as the "Gueules Cassées" ("Disfigured Faces"), the association was set up just after the First World War to provide fraternal, psychological and material help to seriously disfigured soldiers. In 2018, the Gueules Cassées, an association working in favour of people with face and head injuries, supported the exhibition In the East, War without End 1918-1923. 

The Fédération Nationale André Maginot

The FNAM is France's oldest ex-servicemen's association and brings together 241 groups working all over the country with 200,000 members. Its main aim is to promote remembrance and solidarity. The FNAM sponsored the exhibition In the East, War without End 1918-1923

Société des Amis du Musée de l'Armée

The Society of Friends of the Musée de l'Armée (SAMA), founded in 1909, is one of the oldest organisations providing wide-ranging support and assistance to the museum.

Voir l'article La Société des Amis du Musée de l'Armée

See the article, the Society of Friends of the Musée de l'Armée

Our patrons

  • Buffet-Crampon
  • Hulencourt Art Project (Belgium)
  • Spotkania Foundation (Poland)
  • Hortus music label
  • Pianos Hanlet - S.A.S. Fazioli France - Île Seguin & Buc
  • Selmer

Patrons and partners 2014-2018

Charles de Gaulle Foundation

Fondation Charles de Gaulle

The Foundation is a major national institution promoting the work, action and memory of Charles de Gaulle. It has supported the Musée de l'Armée in many different projects.

The Historial de Gaulle is a permanent interactive multimedia space in the museum devoted to the action of a major public figure, the leader of Free France and the founding president of the Fifth Republic. The space highlights the lasting links between our two institutions.

In 2015, the Foundation sponsored the Churchill-de Gaulle exhibition.

Fondation Napoléon

Fondation Napoléon

The Napoleon Foundation regularly provides support for exhibitions at the museum on Napoleonic themes. In particular, in 2013 and 2016, the Napoleon Foundation sponsored the exhibitions Napoleon and Europe and Napoleon on Saint Helena. His Fight for His Story. A third exhibition, devoted to the Emperor's military genius, Napoleon the Strategist, opened to visitors in spring 2018 and also had the support of the Foundation.

Scientific debates, and more widely, activities in support of Napoleonic history-writing and to promote interest in the wider public, were also part of an agreement between the two institutions signed on 6 April 2010.


The Marck Group is a French, family-run industrial group that designs and markets solutions for uniforms and materials to administrations and companies in France and abroad.

During the commemorations for the centenary of the First World War, the Marck Group undertook a work of remembrance by making use of its own archives and collections, and by collecting eye-witness accounts. The aim was to recount the history of the group's work and skills and to pass them on to a wider public.

The Marck Group is proud of its heritage, so it was natural for it to support the Musée de l'Armée in 2014, giving visitors to the exhibition View from the Front. Portraying the Great Wara chance to see the wide-ranging perceptions and interpretations of the war by the countless eye-witness who were mobilised at the front.

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross has always kept alive a passion for military history and especially for aviation, which has made measuring time one of the keys to manned flight.

In 2014, Bell & Ross commemorated the centenary of the Great War in its own way by creating a watch in homage to Captain Georges Guynemer, a hero of French aviation. So it was quite natural and in line with its own values for Bell & Ross to support the exhibition View from the Front. Portraying the Great War, which makes a contribution to our duty of memory.


In 2015, the international bank card JCB (Japan Credit Bureau), financed the homepage of the museum's website,, as part of a redesigned site.

Popular patronage campaigns

Saving Vizir, Napoleon's last horse

Vizir, the only horse belonging to Napoleon that was preserved by taxidermists, has been in the museum's collections since 1905. This unique piece required a complete restoration. With this in mind, in 2015, the museum launched a crowd-funding campaign, Saving Vizir, Napoleon's last horse.

Thanks to the donations of 270 generous donors, restoration work was carried out in public, and Vizir was provided with a new display case, guaranteeing better conservation conditions.

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