France Germany 1870-1871 War, commune, memories  Exhibition from 2017 April 13 until July 30
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Exhibition from 2017 April 13 until July 30 France Germany
War, commune, memories 
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 Emil Hünten
The Battle of Königgrätz [Die Schlacht bei Königgrätz], circa 1885
German Historical Museum Foundation, Berlin
© Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin/ S. Ahlers


Institutional partner

The CIC in partnership with the Musée de l'Armée

The CIC has been a key partner to the Musée de l’Armée at the Invalides since 2003, sponsoring temporary exhibitions which highlight decisive but sometimes little-known phases in France’s history.

France-Germany 1870–1871. War, Commune and Memories takes a new look at a turning point in our history, marked by the crystallisation of the Franco-German conflict and its painful impact on the seventy-five years that followed, the irruption of social revolution with the Commune, and the difficult birth of the Republic, founded on the ruins of the Second Empire and in the teeth of opposition from the Royalist movement.

The CIC is funding three multimedia installations, one dedicated to French and German remembrance sites, the other two to the Bollée mitrailleuse and the Krupp canon respectively.

CIC’s latest sponsorship is designed to help spread the message to a wide audience that knowledge of the past is a source of energy everyone can draw on to strengthen their faith in the future.

Medias partners

Le monde

Le Monde began life as a daily newspaper in 1944. It has since become a media company publishing supplements on specific themes and a magazine, M, guided by the principles of independence, rigour and high editorial standards. It attracts 19 million readers every month with paper, online and mobile-device editions. Le Monde provides daily permanent coverage of international, French, economic and arts news. It dedicates four pages every day to the arts and topical debates with enhanced content, portfolios and videos on its website and app. Le Monde is delighted to be teaming up with the Musée de l’Armée for the France-Germany 1870–1871. War, Commune and Memories exhibition and to share its enthusiasm for this event with its readers.

Le figaro magazine

Le Figaro Magazine was launched in 1978 with the mission of combining information with pleasure. A magazine with a distinctive character, it provides a blend of high-calibre writing and beautiful photographs. Headed by Guillaume Roquette, Figaro Magazine’s editorial team takes a fresh look at the news, with opinions from renowned columnists (such as Éric Zemmour, Frédéric Beigbeder and Philippe Tesson), in-depth stories and a stunning selection of photographs, including the famous weekly double-pages ‘Arrêts sur Images’ showing the week’s three most spectacular images. Le Figaro Magazine also provides the ‘Quartiers Libres’ arts and lifestyle guide, its pages dedicated to art, film, literature, theatre and music. The authenticity of the guide’s voice is reflected in its influential position in the arts world.
Le Figaro Magazine est disponible dès le vendredi avec Le Figaro, Le Figaro Magazine is published on Friday with Le Figaro, Madame Figaro and TV Magazine. Le Figaro Magazine is very happy to be a partner in the France-Germany 1870–1871. War, Commune and Memories exhibition.


Historia magazine was founded in 1909, making it the oldest history magazine in France. It is also the best known publication in its field. The magazine continues to attract viewers down through the generations and has established itself in the cultural heritage landscape. It has been dedicated to recounting history for over a century, drawing on the talents of many eminent writers, academics as well as journalists. The magazine’s goal is to make history ever more accessible to the greatest number of people. The teams at Historia bring enthusiasm and their passion for history to their work every day. They are all heirs to a publication that has consistently succeeded in bringing the past to life in a quest for a better understanding of the present.