France Germany 1870-1871 War, commune, memories  Exhibition from 2017 April 13 until July 30
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Exhibition from 2017 April 13 until July 30 France Germany
War, commune, memories 
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Young visitors

The museum provides several tools to ensure that young visitors can enjoy the exhibition.

Family visits

panels for young visitors

Special panels for young visitors provide an informative and fun way of finding out all about the exhibition’s objects, artworks and archives.

Games booklet

The panels tie in to a games booklet in French and English that visitors can pick up at the exhibition entrance or download from the museum’s website.

Challenge in the exhibition

The youngest visitors are invited to meet the challenge of using a visual detail to find a specific object or artwork. Send your photos to to win a prize!

Entertaining guided tours

(from 9 upwards, 1.30h to 2.00h)
The museum also offers an entertaining guided tour of the exhibition to give young visitors a better understanding of the 1870–1871 Franco-German war and find out about the important changes that accompanied or followed on from the conflict on the military, artistic, heritage and commemorative levels. A series of fun challenges await the youngsters during the tour. The guided tour is suitable for families and school groups. (

Entertaining guided tours: children from 9 upwards and parents
Price: €7 per child and €12 per adult

 Look for this detail in the exhibition