Austerlitz Auditorium

An effective work space

With a capacity of 150 places (including guest speakers), the Austerlitz auditorium is located in the basement of the eastern wing of the museum, near the Historial Charles de Gaulle.

The area has a computer-controlled multimedia sound and video system that is compatible with most current standards, along with complete simultaneous interpretation facilities, so that events can be organised in three languages. Facilities include a projection screen, a stage with a reading desk and rostrum, video monitors and swan-neck microphones.  

A director working with the Auditorium can takes care of the event from start to finish. 

An audio and video recording of conferences is also available on request.  

Adjoining the auditorium, the Louvois Room provides extension options via a live retransmission system. This modular space covers 70 m² and can welcome up to 40 extra guests in addition to the auditorium, as well as for meetings.

The nearby Turenne Room provides another ideal, warm setting for participants (reception, breaks, lunch, etc.) attending seminars, symposia, press conferences or product launches in the auditorium.

Practical details for hiring rooms

Price to hire the Austerlitz auditorium: €4,000 exc. VAT per day

Rooms available for hire for half days

Open and download the Austerlitz auditorium plan (PDF - 109 Ko)
Details of services

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