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The Historial Charles de Gaulle

The Historial Charles de Gaulle is an interactive multimedia space devoted to this public figure's work as the leader of Free France and then the founding President of the Fifth Republic.

Maintenance operation

The sound itinerary of the Historial is ongoing a maintenance operation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This audiovisual space – which contains no objects – tells the story of Charles de Gaulle while immersing visitors in 20th-century history, through archive footage and photographs... Interviews with historians complete the experience.

In this truly interactive space, visitors organise their own route using an infrared audioguide, giving them total freedom of movement, and enabling them to access 400 audiovisual documents and 20 hours of audio content. There's something to satisfy anyone wishing to learn about the man and his political work, as well as those who want to know more about a particular theme, from the First World War to May 68 through the Algerian War, the Constitution of the Fifth Republic and the Cold War.

One figure, three approaches

The cinematic approach

The visit begins with a biographical film lasting 25 minutes and looking back at the key stages in Charles de Gaulle's career, his political work and his impact on French history. This unique film made for the Historial is projected onto 5 big screens in a cinema room with 200 seats.

The immersive approach

From the Belle Époque to the Pop Years, from Charlie Chaplin to the Rolling Stones, from the trenches to the Vietnam War, some of the century's most famous photographs are projected throughout the exhibition, in order to immerse visitors in pictures of 20th-century world history, and to situate General de Gaulle's career within a universal timeline.

The interactive approach

The two World Wars, the Rally of the French People (RPF), the crossing of the desert, the Algerian War, the birth and organisation of the Fifth Republic, the Cold War, the Trente Glorieuses post-war boom years and May 68 are among the highlights of the Historial exhibition. Over thirty multimedia exhibits help visitors discover or learn more about the period of the 20th century that was shaped by Charles de Gaulle's politics.

Visitors have to use an infrared audioguide, provided free of charge.

To make the most of the interactive exhibits, user instructions are provided to visitors at the Historial's audioguide collection point.